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Advantages of shock freeze technology

Blast chambers - fresh products all year round!

Who doesn’t know how thawed foods and meals from an ordinary freezer, lose their appearance and turn into an unsightly formless food, watery and loose, which you don’t want to eat at all?! Such food and meals are not in demand on the market and at the restaurants, and companies suffer great losses.

Food, vegetables, fruits, herbs, mushrooms, thawed after a shock freeze, have the same fresh and attractive appearance, as fresh, as from the beginning. This happens because during freezing in the cooling chambers micro-crystals of water are formed in the tissues of the products that do not spoil and do not tear their structure, while in traditional freezing it happens exactly the opposite.

The intensive cooling of cooked food is especially relevant for restaurants. It is often necessary that ready meals be frozen in chambers for a specified period. Before placing them in ordinary freezers, the dishes are left to cool at room temperature for a long time. Accordingly, in process of cooling, products losing moisture and become unattractive in appearance. Even if such defrosted dishes are subjected to repeated heat treatment, their appearance will no longer be the same!

We invite everybody, personally come to our office and try to freeze your food or ready-made meals. We are sure that the result will leave you with an extremely positive impression.

Shock freezing chambers — saving for the benefit!

Shock freezing chambers are recognized as the most effective and economical freezing equipment with great capabilities and wide areas of application. One of the main advantages of such chambers is efficiency. It manifests itself due to the following factors:

company is truly a unique technology that preserves the natural look, taste, and color of frozen foods.

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Shock freezing chambers — new perspectives on food freezing!

Shock freezing chamber: new possibilities for long-term storage

The shock-freezing chamber is the best option not only for the fastest way to cool and freeze food, but also to increase their shelf life. This technology allows for further defrosting to produce dishes of excellent quality and appearance at the facility. Food safety is achieved due to the following factors:

Using shock freezing chambers, you can significantly increase the shelf life of food products without worrying about their safety, as well as more efficiently plan the production of cooking and freezing dishes, avoiding the necessary daily cooking. All chambers are quite simple to manage and maintain. All our customers can verify this.

Come to our office and try to personally freeze your products. We are sure that the result will be above your expectations!

Shock freeze - increase the life of your products!

The best way to economically store and increase the shelf life of food and ready meals is intensive cooling or shock freezing.

It is known that under the influence of microorganisms, the properties of food products and their shelf life are significantly reduced. That is, regardless of where the bacteria is present (in the environment or in the products themselves), the processes of natural decay and putrefaction occur over a certain period of time. Therefore, shock freezing is one of the most optimal and quickest ways to stop their effects on food.

The process of freezing, which is subjected to food, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs in ordinary freezers takes more than 8 hours. Cooked dishes, which can cool before freezing, are especially sensitive to the effects of microorganisms. Their cooling and freezing time can take up to 24 hours, respectively, the shelf life of finished dishes in the traditional way is much lower than with shock freezing.

The shelf life of food products by intensive cooling are:

Shock freezing chambers - purity and freshness of your products!

Shock freezing is the most optimal and economically feasible way to preserve for a long time the taste and nutritional qualities of products and prepared dishes, which after defrosting remain fresh, aromatic and tasty. The main advantages of this type of storage of food and dishes:

To personally verify that, we invite those who wish to come to our office and freeze their products in shock freezing chambers. Thus, one can be convinced by the example of the unique properties of shock freezing.

Optimization of shock freezing processes

Currently, not a single restaurant or trade company will be able to properly build and optimize business processes without equipping the production or trading process with high-quality intensive cooling chambers.

Let us look at an example.

It is much more difficult to clearly build a business chain in a company where traditional freezers are used, since it is not always possible to accurately calculate the cooling and freezing times due to the features of this equipment.

In order to choose the right model and the number of shock-freezing chambers, contact FastCold specialists. In addition, we invite everyone to come to our company, personally participate in the process of freezing food products and clearly see the benefits of intensive cooling.

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