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Cold chambers with glass fronts

We offer advanced refrigeration equipment with glass door fronts. Equipping a refrigerator or polybox with glass doors with built-in vertical lighting will allow you to present the products to its advantage without violating the storage regime.

To calculate the price

We offer IRBIS-DF glass fronts for cameras and display cases in the following versions:

  • Medium temperature - IBS-N (up to + 1 °C);
  • Low temperature - IBS-L (up to -25 °C).

Parameter indicators of glass fronts

In the standard version of IRBIS glass doors, our experts are ready to offer two sizes in height, the standard one is H164 and the enlarged one is H184. These heights can be used in combination with two sizes in width, W68, and W78.

Door mark Door width A, mm Door width B, mm Light opening width
С, мм
Height of the light opening
D, мм
Mounting width
W, mm
Mounting height
H, mm
IBS СW68H164 660 1600 606 1558 686 1638
IBS СW78H164 760 1600 706 1558 786 1638
IBS СW68H184 660 1800 606 1758 686 1838
IBS СW78H184 760 1800 706 1758 786 1838

The advantages of glass fronts

  • The front side of the chamber with a built-in glass front is an exhibition window and will decorate any design decision.
  • Gravity racks (with tilted shelves) provide easy access to products.
  • Self-closing glass front doors ensure cold preservation.
  • The ability to load products inside the camera eliminates sales downtime when laying out goods on racks.
  • There is no need for additional food storage refrigerators.
  • There is no need to use wall-mounted refrigerated display cases and slides.
  • Savings retail and warehouse space.
  • Saving energy.
  • These chambers are made as per the required sizes and can be equipped with any required number of glass fronts.


  • Set of panels;
  • Glass front;
  • Closing accessories with torsion mechanism for closing doors automatically;
  • Aluminum handle with natural anodizing;
  • Daylight lamp with electronic ballast;
  • Frame with heating system (for low-temperature chambers).


  • Luminescent lamp for doors;
  • Gravity rack for one section (5 shelves);
  • Lock with a key.

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