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Shock freezing in shops and supermarkets

Distribution and retail of Express freezing products do not require the presence of special box or tunnel type cameras in the warehouse or in the store. Equipment for shock freezing is necessary only for the direct production of high-quality goods for long-term storage. However, in product retailing there are a number of circumstances that make your own business of this kind justified from the technological and marketing points of view.

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Shock freezing in hypermarket

If we are talking about a separate shopping facility, the economic feasibility of buying a shock freeze as part of cameras or complex lines depends on the volume of sales and the actual area of the point.

Segmentation of the use of technology

For a large hypermarket may be relevant:

Competitive advantage

Line or cameras of shock freezing, supplying goods the produce section, forms the reputation of the outlets with a wide range of high quality products not dependent on seasonality. In addition, long-term storage eliminates the need for retailers to comply with a tight procurement schedule and work with a variety of suppliers.

There is an opportunity to dictate the conditions on quality and the price, and also to save on logistics, buying less often, but larger parties. Another two advantages are the reduction of losses from spoilage of goods to almost zero in comparison with trade in fresh products and losses from freezing and quality reduction — in comparison with conventional freezing.

Almost all of these considerations, except for overcoming seasonality, are valid for the trade in meat, poultry and fish that have undergone the procedure of shock freezing.

The organization of trade in ready-made dishes of long-term storage and arrangement of food courts solve two important tasks at once — attraction of additional youth and family audience, and also decrease in the costs connected with the unrealized goods.

Preferred equipment

Two main options for equipment for shock freezing in large supermarkets are the use of specialized box chambers and universal tunnel installations.

Each Department that uses the technology that is provided with the lateral shock-freezer of small capacity, equipped with either plot quick freezing tunnel machine with average output, which irenesteeves works for all departments.

Use of technology the rapid freezing in the small shopping areas

Let's talk about the specifics of franchising, networks consisting of small outlets, as well as individual stores and gastronomic boutiques.

What is interrupted baking?

Previously, the technology Part Baked specially created for enterprises centralized production with distribution network.

So it works at the fast-file point:

  1. The cook gets the frozen product from the refrigerator;
  2. Sprays it with a protector — an emulsion from egg white for maintaining balance of natural humidity;
  3. Puts a product in the furnace and chooses the program;
  4. Passes from one and a half to three minutes — and the newly-baked dish is ready., newly-baked, but not warmed!

The speed and quality of cooking pancakes, pies, cutlets and many other dishes are made possible thanks to the peculiarities of the production of semi-finished products, its storage and finishing. Initially, the products are baked to 80-90% ready, and then subjected to shock freezing. In this state, it can be stored for up to 6 months at distributors on the network points without loss of quality. By order of the visitor, the product is baked in a special convection unit, the temperature dynamics of which is no less important than the features of Express freezing.

As part of the part Baked, central kitchen is equipped with an oven and a shock-freezer, and the outlets are equipped with freezers for storage and an oven for finishing the product. Any small grocery store or small cafe can become a distributor.

Beyond networks

Shock freezing for a small store is relevant for a narrow commodity specialization of the institution. For example, it is a craft format of a confectionery shop that combines the trade of cakes, pastries and a coffee shop-confectionery in a single space. Some of the products are supplied to the coffee shop counter, and the rest is subjected to Express freezing in a box freezer and special packaging. Visitors taste sweets in the coffee shop, and they buy their favorite products at any convenient day for home, without worrying about their freshness, which is a priori at the height.

On the same principle, you can organize the work of bakeries, pizzerias and even butchers.

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