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Shock freezing in the restaurant business

Business in the catering sector demonstrates higher mobility and active creativity than in the food retail sector. Competition of images and culinary concepts is a fertile field for the introduction of new technologies. Today is blast-freezing is being promoted in the practices of restaurants.

About technology

In catering are used all the basic technologies associated with the operation of refrigeration and freezing equipment. Fast cooling, shock freezing and freezing modes are used in a variety of temperature ranges — from +20... -32°C to +90... -18°C and even +20... -196°C (when immersed in liquid nitrogen). Shockers, minimizing the size of ice fractals during freezing, provide long-term storage of raw materials and short-term storage of ready meals without losing their consumer properties.

Examples of the use of shock freezing in restaurants

Advertising of innovations in the field of shock freezing are the concern of all the main sections of the kitchen including pastry arts:

Benefits of shock freezing in the catering sector

The restaurant, which uses the possibilities of shock freezing, gets additional competitive opportunities:

equipment selection

Cameras of one-sided and bilateral (tunnel) loading of commercial and industrial series from the FastCold company are used. Units are equipped with probes thermometers for freezing process control and also processor interfaces of setup and automatic control of operation modes.

Depending on the organization of the restaurants there are several typical schemes of distribution of freezing and refrigeration equipment. For example, in networks of fast fine shockers located in the Central preparation kitchens, and the café only uses normal freezer. Non-chain restaurants use their own shock freezing chambers.

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