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Chain of cafe-bakeries «Pirogovyj dvorik»

Chain of cafe-bakeries «Pirogovyj dvorik»

Type industry: Bakery

Equipment: Commercial shock freezing chambers

Technology: Shock freezing

City: Saint-Petersburg

About company:

The first cafe «Pirogovyj dvorik» was opened in 2005. Today «Pirogovyj dvorik» is a network consisting of 17 cafe-bakeries located in all districts of the city of St. Petersburg. The company offers a wide range of products: pies, pastries, cuisine and light desserts.

Executed work:

Network of cafes-bakeries "Pirogov's yard" made and installed cameras of shock freezing industrial series BCF 1_1 T1 unit C3: frame, street performance with an external capacitor.

Who trusts us

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