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Refrigeration cabinets POLYBOX

Multifunctional sectional cabinets POLYBOX specially designed for storing food at the trade and catering establishments. They are ideal for medium temperature (0 ... + 6 ° C) and low temperature (-18 ...- 20 ° C) storage of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, dairy products in areas with high ambient temperatures and humidity.

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POLYBOX cabinets have sample opportunities for dividing volumes for different product categories with both solid and perforated partitions. Due to the division into sections and the ability to maintain different temperature and humidity zones in one cabinet, they are suitable for the simultaneous storage of fresh, chilled and frozen products.

Multifunctional cabinets POLYBOX maximize the usable retail space and meet the most stringent sanitary requirements.

POLYBOX Benefits

  • More reliable and functional alternative to classic refrigerated cabinets;
  • Simultaneous storage of frozen, chilled and fresh products;
  • Simultaneous storage of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, herbs, gastronomy, dairy products, confectionery;
  • Energy-saving due to high thermal insulation and external cold supply;
  • Maximum usable capacity with minimal external dimensions.

Who can benefit from using POLYBOX cameras?

  • Public catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens);
  • Kitchen factories;
  • Food Production;
  • Supermarkets, minimarkets;
  • Gas stations;
  • Bakery Production.

The design of the refrigeration cabinets POLYBOX

Thermal insulation chamber

The chambers of POLYBOX refrigeration cabinets are made of heat-insulating sandwich panels 80 mm thick. High quality filling polyurethane foam (PUF) from components of a European manufacturer used as a filter.

The thermal conductivity rate, which provides an insulating circuit is high enough - 0.017-0.025 W/m * deg. This allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the refrigeration and freezer sections even at high external temperatures with minimum energy consumption.

The lining of the panels, depending on the design of the chamber, is made of the following materials:

  • Galvanized steel 0.6 mm thick coated white color (RAL 9003);;
  • AISI stainless steel 0.7 mm thick..

The ends of the panels are designed in such a way that excludes the formation of "cold bridges". The connection occurs according to the "tongue-and-groove" technology with the use of tightening interpanel locks. This design, in contrast to the solid-filled refrigerated cabinets, allows multiple assembly-disassembly, as well as the installation of cabinets in rooms with narrow doorways.

Door leaf

The door leaf of the refrigerator is manufactured using the same technology as the camera panel. It is reverted with galvanized or stainless steel depending on the design.

The door leafs are equipped with a double-circuit sealant around the door perimeter made of highly elastic EPDM rubber, which provides leak-proof features.

Hinges and handles

POLYBOX refrigerators are equipped with handles from a European manufacturer. Handles are made of chrome steel and equipped with a lock with an individual lock cylinder.

Doors are equipped with high-strength lifting hinges with fixation when turning to 180 degrees.

Compressor unit

Refrigeration chambers, depending on the customer’s wishes, can be equipped with various compressor units:

  • External execution (for installation of compressor installation outside or in the engine room);
  • Built-in refrigeration unit (mounted on the ceiling panel of the chamber);
  • Without units (for connecting to a customer’s refrigeration unit).

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