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Commercial Series Shock Freezing Chamber

We offer a wide range of shock freezing chambers, a large selection of configurations and additional options. Capacity from 80 to 450 kg, standard or tunnel execution, touch control panel, production material: painted or stainless steel, additional carts and trays, UV-lamps for disinfection. To solve each problem, we have a reliable and functional model at a reasonable price.

If you are or are about to become the owner of a store, restaurant or food company, shock freezers will help you organize your business as efficiently as possible.

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Our company offers the first shock freezing chambers in Russia, intensive air-cooling chambers and shock freezing appliances manufactured at our own factory.

You will profit from working with us!

What our Partners and Clients get:

  1. Free equipment test drive;
  2. Quick manufacturing (4-6 weeks);
  3. Reducing the area of utility rooms in retail spaces;
  4. High quality premium components ;
  5. Installation supervision;
  6. Training and certificate from a manufacturing company;
  7. Timely service of your equipment by attentive and efficient technicians.

The advantages of shock freezing chambers have already been appreciated by such companies as:

  • Supermarket chain "Lenta"
  • Meat production "Remit"
  • "Bakhetle" Supermarket chain
  • "Koncorde" Catering Company
  • Supermarket chain "Victoria"
  • Catering establishment "Empire of pizza"
  • Bakery of "Le Hleb"
  • "Globus" Hypermarket
  • "Maxi" Company
  • "U Palycha" Trademark

IMPORTANT! Depending on the wishes and requirements specification, deep freezers are designed individually for each client that allows you to create equipment that is most suitable for the needs of your company, in the heated and unheated spaces or outside.

Technical specifications

Shock freezing chamber design

  • Chamber walls - made of three-layer sandwich panels 80 to 120 mm thick, depending on the model;
  • Chamber floor - made in the form of a four-layer sandwich panel: AISI 304 stainless steel sheet, 9 mm plywood, insulation - polyurethane foam, AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Internal lining - made of food-grade AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • External cladding - galvanized steel with a polymer coating (optionally, AISI 304 stainless steel coating);
  • Door - swing refrigerator door 80 to 120 mm thick with a sealing contour;

Shock freezing chambers specifications

  • Compressor-condensing unit - a remote unit is used, which can be located both next to the camera and at a considerable distance from it;
  • Control panel with Touch Screen display - a remote control panel with a moisture-proof color display, the ability to create up to 30 individual programs, and self-diagnosis of malfunctions is used to control the shock freezing camera;
  • Sensor probe - for controlling the cooling and freezing process;
  • Steel trolley - AISI 304, 20 or 25 levels stainless steel trolley for baking sheets or gastronorme containers are supplied as standard;
  • 2D - Tunnel type cameras - it is possible to use a tunnel type system in which the shock freezing chamber is assembled in such a way to have two doors: one for the rear loading of the product, and the second for unloading from the opposite end;

Intensive cooling and shock freezing modes

  • Air cooling in “SOFT” mode. For products up to 4 cm thick or for products requiring special handling (for example, mousses, desserts, mashed vegetables, greens).
  • Air cooling in “HARD” mode. For a large number of products 4-6 cm thick, or for products containing a large amount of fat, making it difficult to quickly cool in the body of the product.
  • Freezing air mode "Freezing". For freezing any products and dishes up to 4 cm thick, in compliance with the technological process.

The standard package includes: a set of enclosing structures for assembling the chamber, a specialized evaporator system, a condensing unit, a control unit that is coordinated with the control panel, and a temperature probe.

How to choose a shock-freezing chamber?

In order to select the equipment, you must:

  1. To work out the technological processes in which the intensive cooling chamber or the combined intensive cooling and shock freezing chamber will be involved.
  2. Choose products, dishes that will be involved in the technological processes.
  3. Calculate the product turnover in kg per shift.
  4. Send a request to our specialists, who will give competent advice on the process, help fill out a questionnaire on the selection of equipment and select equipment.
  5. Fill out the questionnaire yourself and send it to the specialists of our company, who, according to the request, will select the equipment.
  6. Determine the required model from the catalog yourself, contact the company by phone or email to our specialists for invoicing.

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