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Fishing industry

Major suppliers and consumers of fish products, and seafood need to be the technologies for the efficient storage of raw materials. With standard methods of freezing, the product loses its valuable properties. Freezing water destroys the fiber, and after defrosting significantly change the taste and aroma properties.

Large shops, supermarkets, restaurants need long-term storage, allowing to achieve savings on the services of carriers. The capabilities of modern equipment "FastCold" for quick freezing fish would solve several tasks:

Our shock freezing plants are actively used by the food industry. They are installed in catering establishments, grocery stores, warehouses.

Equipment for shock freezing of fish

The choice of freezing equipment requires professional assistance, expert advice. Turning to the specialists of "FastCold", you get the necessary information about the technology used, the features of the units for commercial and industrial purposes.

Please note – the equipment has a modular convenient design. Installation, commissioning, staff training are carried out quickly, with minimal cost to the customer.

The system includes a compressor, fans, condensers, evaporators and transport mechanisms of spiral and/or linear type.

The technology of quick freezing of seafood

The technology of shock freezing of fish is based on the impact of extremely low temperatures for instant cooling to -40oC. The temperature may be higher, depending on the process requirements. Thawed product is almost no different from freshly caught fish.

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