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Features of freezing fish and seafood

The technology of freezing fish and seafood has its own characteristics and is very different from the freezing of other products. Features due to the fact that the tissues of fish contains a large amount of water, which with proper freezing contributes to long-term storage of fish and marine products.

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Practical tests proved the relationship between the freezing time and the size of ice crystals. The less time spent on freezing the smaller the size of the crystals. With traditional freezing of fish, large crystals are formed whose volume exceeds the initial volume of the liquid. Freezing and increasing in size, the crystals damage the fibers and muscle structure of the fish, thereby significantly impairing the taste after defrosting.

The technology of fast freezing of fish allows you to keep the structure, nutritional value and maximum taste.

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Shock freezing of fish, thanks to the high cooling rate allows you to quickly move from the liquid phase to the solid. The effect of microcrystallization is achieved, the ice is formed without increasing the volume simultaneously in the cell and intercellular space. Thanks to this, the cell remains intact, and the fish after defrosting has excellent taste.

Fish freezing equipment

Our company offers the professional equipment which assumes not just acceleration of a freezing, but also providing the strict schedule of process flow, control of humidity and temperature in a product.

Our cameras are equipped with a touch control panel with the ability to customize up to 30 individual programmable freezing recipes.

Loading of products is made by means of trolleys under trays or gastroemkosti. It is possible to use a tunnel type system (possibility of through movement -the doors are located on the front and rear walls of the unit). You can see and choose the model for the necessary task in the section "Shock freezing chambers"

The technology of quick freezing of fish

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Price of equipment for shock freezing and how to order it

The price of the shock freezing chamber depends on the performance, configuration, availability of additional options. In order to find out the exact cost, choose the necessary options and get expert advice, please contact us by phone: + 7 (499) 112-32-04 or leave a request on the website.

Before you make an order, you need to determine the following parameters:

On the basis of this information, our specialists make a preliminary design of the equipment, and on its basis prepare a commercial proposal. After acquaintance with KP all necessary coordination then it is possible to start the conclusion of the contract is carried out. The contract is concluded – and we start production, delivery and installation of the shock freezing chamber at your enterprise.

Installation of shock freezing chambers of fish

Our company has a staff of qualified installers specializing in commissioning of refrigeration, freezing and climatic equipment. We believe that the key to effective work is the combination of three key stages: design, manufacture and installation. Turning to us, you will receive a quality shock freezing of products and a guarantee of long-term trouble-free operation of the equipment.

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We work with many companies whose needs include shock cooling and deep freezing of products. Here are just a few of our customers who already have Fast°Cold™ fast cooling.