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Features of freezing bakery products

Bakery products are perishable products, and for the consumer the most important factor when choosing bread is its freshness. How to keep all the properties of the product on the long way from the bakery to the counter? The technology of shock freezing of bakery products comes to the rescue.

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The advantages of deep freezing of bread have long been appreciated in the West, by the way from there and came to us and this technology. For example, in Europe, more than 70% of all produced bread is shock frozen. In Russia, this process is only in its infancy. Many experts believe that the transition to new technologies and the use of shock freezing in the production of bread increases the profitability of enterprises.

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Frozen bakery products are widely used in cafes, restaurants, fast food places, canteens all over the world. They are also popular among buyers of grocery supermarkets and shops. Manufacturers thanks to this technology have the ability to quickly freeze: rolls, baguettes, loaves, bread, any flour products.

The technology of quick freezing of bakery products

When freezing bread on the final quality of the product is strongly influenced by the speed of the process, which can be divided into 3 stages:

In the first stage, rapid cooling prevents the development of harmful microorganisms and bacteria. The second stage is no less important, the connection of the freezing rate to the size of the ice crystals in the product has been proved experimentally. The higher the freezing rate, the smaller the size of the crystals, respectively, less damage to the internal structure of the product.

When using shock freezing of bakery products, the amount of pathogenic microflora is minimized, and the structure, consistency, taste qualities of bread remain practically unchanged.

Advantages of shock freezing of bread

Compared to traditional freezing, shock freezing technology has many advantages:

Chambers for shock freezing of bakery products

Equipment for freezing bread by shock technology must be selected depending on the technological requirements of production. The modern cameras offered by our company provide productivity from 80 to 660 kg, are reliable and unpretentious in operation.

In the lineup submitted to the chillers commercial and industrial series, with a different capacity, performance, load capability of the tunneling performance. You can see and choose the model for the necessary task in the section "Shock freezing chambers"

Price of equipment for quick freezing of bakery products

It is clear that the cost of industrial equipment can not be low. But the money invested pays off quickly. After all, the equipment for shock freezing opens up great opportunities for the enterprise or private business.

The cost of the equipment depends on many parameters: the size of the camera, load, performance, availability of additional options. The cost of professional equipment for freezing bread You can find on the phone: + 7 (499) 112-32-04 or fill out an application on the website.

How to order the equipment of shock freezing of bakery products

Special equipment for shock freezing must meet all production requirements. Only in this way it will cope with the tasks in the best way.

Ordering equipment is very simple. It is only necessary to send a request. The Manager of the company will contact you and clarify the details. Next, our company will make a technical specification for the requirements of your production. Experts will calculate the KP, coordinate all points with you. After the conclusion of the contract, we begin production of equipment. Ready-to-install cameras are delivered by our company to the destination and mounted.

Installation of chambers of shock freezing of bakery products

Installation of equipment for shock freezing of bakery products is a very complex process that requires knowledge and skills. Our specialists will perform all types of work quickly and at a high level. Turning to us, you are guaranteed to get high-quality equipment that will last for many years, bringing a substantial profit.

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