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Bakery industry

The practice of trade in bread stored after shock freezing, proved the ability to consistently supply the consumer with the highest quality products.

Shock freezing of bakery products

The current level of shock freezing of bread, muffin and pastry dough is a 6-month standard of freshness. During this time, the reconstituted and/or baked product looks like a traditional fresh baking and also has the appropriate taste, consistency and aroma.

Type of product

The technology allows to freeze 3 subgroups of products:

The area of applications and advantages

Shock freezing of bread and semi-finished dough is used in food supermarkets, specialized bakeries, as well as pizzerias, cafes of the category "fine food" and other high-tech catering establishments. Advantages of shock freezing in comparison with traditional storage methods:

Payback projects shock freezing bakery products is from 1.5 to 2 years. The payback period of the freezing equipment is lower, provided that all other assets (premises, trained personnel, availability of the system) are already at the disposal of the business.

Equipment of shock freezing of bread

One-way and two-way loading chambers with capacity from 80 to 450 kg are used. Example — models for shock freezing Fast°Cold™ commercial series programmable modes that are configured by using the monitors controls. Moving products is carried out manually on racks with trays of traditional design.

For selection of the equipment it is necessary to address with questions in the feedback form on the website. To clarify the technological parameters, for example, to check the condition of your products during freezing and after cooking — use the service "test drive".

Technology shock freezing bread

In the processing of bakery products there are 3 stages — cooling, pidmorozhuvannya and domorazhivaniya. Consistently, the bread is placed in chambers or cabinets with the mode of debugging to temperatures 0 °C; -5 °C; -18 °C. in The first two stages, the development of microorganisms is stopped, at the last — operational freezing with crstallization of water in the form of small fractals that do not violate the traditional consistency of the product.

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