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Shock freezing commercial kitchen/ready meals/ semi-prepared meals

Commercial kitchens often face the problem of preserving the properties of cooked meals and semi-prepared meals. Conventional methods of freezing lead to negative consequences - changes taste, sticking of patties, dumplings, and other products. Defrosting after a freezing cycle also changes the total mass.

Using shock-freezing settings, you solve several problems at once:

Such opportunities are especially important during the warm season, when transportation and long-term storage challenged by high temperatures.

The technology is suitable not only for meat products, but also for vegetables, including cabbage, leafy salads. Their fibers not damaged, thanks to quick and even freezing. Large ice crystals do not form due to the features of such treatment. For the same reason, technology is suitable for cooked meals. This is an effective solution for French fries, puffs, pizza, pies, and various types of baked pastries with filling.

Equipment for shock freezing

The choice of equipment depends on the volume of the output. The equipment offered by Fast Cold makes it possible to freeze about 300 kg of semi-prepared meals and other products per hour. For these purposes, commercial and industrial shock freezing chambers are used. They are equipped with special fans that provide airflow when blowing more than 6 m/s. The process controlled automatically, receiving data from sensors.

The chambers used are the one-sided and two-sided (tunnel) loading ones of commercial and industrial series from the "FastCold" company. Units are equipped with probes-thermometers for monitoring the freezing process, as well as processor interface for setting and automatic control of operating modes.

Help in selecting equipment

The effectiveness of any shock freezing system depends on the correct choice of type and capacity of the equipment. Specialists of the "FastCold" company are ready to help you with the calculation of the parameters of shockers and other equipment. Contact us by means that work best for you.

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