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Confectionery and baking industries

Confectionery and pastry products are a huge amount of perishable food products. Transportation and storage of confectionery products are carried out into account the requirements of National State Standard, other standards and regulations. The technology of shock freezing allows you to prepare a product for transportation and subsequent sale in stores, supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants.

At the same time, the problem of preserving taste, aroma, and freshness solved. The product after a cycle of freezing and thawing practically does not lose weight. All major consumer properties remain unchanged. The manufacturer does not need to use preservatives, which helps to improve product quality. The solution becomes especially relevant in the warm season.

Main advantages:

Equipment for shock freezing of confectionery and pastry

To comply with the correct freezing technology and subsequent storage, you will need freezers. Depending on the scope, they can be industrial or commercial. Our specialists will help you to make a choice of equipment. They will advise you, discuss the parameters and advantages of each sample. You just need to call or write to us to get detailed information.

Confectionery and pastry shock freezing technology

Products are uniformly blown with air, cooled to the required temperature. This happens much faster than in traditional freezers. As a result, large ice crystals that destroy the texture of the product are not formed.

Depending on the type of product, a “soft” or “hard” method is used. The first is designed for cakes and desserts with natural fruits and berries, the second for products with a higher density.

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