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Meat industry

Meat products are a source of valuable amino acids and other compounds important for healthy and proper nutrition. To preserve these substances during storage in shops and catering establishments, technologies are used to minimize the loss of useful properties. When frozen, solves several problems at once:

We offer equipment that allows to freeze up to 300 kilograms of meat per hour. Fast Cold technology has a high performance that provides a quick payback. It is relevant for large food stores, warehouses, cafes, restaurants, large dining rooms, production facilities.

Equipment, shock freezing of meat

The installation consists of several elements. This compressor, evaporator, condenser, fan and chamber for the cooled product. Cooling occurs due to the evaporation of the refrigerant. As a working fluid is used not only freon, but also carbon dioxide, ammonia, other compounds with suitable physical properties.

Experienced experts of FastCold will help you to choose the right type of system. It is enough to report the General requirements, to clarify the scope, the volume of cooled products.

What equipment do we offer?

The catalog contains commercial and industrial chambers for shock freezing of meat, meat products and semi-finished products. Each model has a number of individual parameters:

To choose the right equipment, please contact our specialists for detailed advice.

Shock freezing technologies for restaurants

In catering it is extremely important to keep the meat juicy. Traditional methods of freezing do not allow to achieve the desired result. Shock chambers not only preserve tissue juice, but also reduce weight loss (not more than 0.8%), which positively affects the quality of cooked dishes. The institution has the ability to long-term storage of important raw materials, seasonal dishes, including game. This is a significant savings on the services of suppliers.

Qualified specialists of our company at any time are ready to provide competent advice on the choice of equipment, parameters, will help to place an order, to carry out the delivery of equipment. To do this, you can use the online form on the website or contact us by phone +7 (499) 112-32-04.

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