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Shock freezing of berries and mushrooms as a business

The technology of shock freezing of mushrooms, berries and other plant products is a profitable solution for your business. This direction is very popular in Russia and the CIS. Enterprises sell hundreds of thousands of tons of finished products annually for retail chains, confectionery factories, catering establishments.

The key advantage of shock freezing is the preservation of all product properties. In the process, vitamins and other nutrients are not destroyed. After defrosting, the natural taste, aroma and freshness are preserved.

The purchase and maintenance of the equipment pays off mainly in winter and spring, when fresh seasonal berries and mushrooms are not available for sale. During this period, you get the opportunity to quickly sell the goods on favorable terms.

Turning to our experts, you will be able to choose a system of shock freezing, with optimal performance and quickly reach self-sufficiency of the business. Fast Cold equipment is suitable for wild seasonal mushrooms and berries, as well as for their greenhouse analogues.

Equipment for shock freezing of berries/mushrooms

The catalog contains ready-made modular systems for commercial and industrial use. They can be used in shops, warehouses, as well as installed in restaurants, cafes, fast food, other institutions.

What equipment will be required:

The choice of technique requires expert advice. They will specify the volume of production, the required capacity, will help you choose the model that best meets customer needs.

Technologies of shock freezing of berries/mushrooms

The work is carried out in stages. First, the raw materials are sorted, cleaned, sorted. Then sorting, cutting (if necessary), cooling to the temperature required to preserve the properties are performed. Products are uniformly blown by the air flow at – 18. The time of low-temperature treatment does not exceed a few minutes. After that, berries or mushrooms are Packed for further storage.

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