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Meat freezing features

The Shock Freezing is only way to preserve the chemical composition and structure of meat for a long time. Deep freezing of meat, if carried out correctly and according to technology, allows achieving excellent results – after defrosting the product will be same quality as fresh.

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The speed freezing is a secret of shock technology, not extremely low temperatures. The water expands when freezing, and in the case of using the classical technology of freezing, ice crystals increased the size destroying the internal fibrous structure of meat. Meat quick freezing allows you to achieve the micro-crystallization effect of moisture, and no increase the volume of frozen liquid contained in the product. In addition, the structure does not collapse after defrosting; the meat retains its properties and taste.

Quick and deep meat freezing allows you to maximize preservation of nutrients, trace elements, and vitamins, that positively affects the bacteriological purity of the product. Bacteria simply do not have time to develop and harm with the shock freezing.

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Using shock-freezing technology, because of drying, reduces mass loss. During normal freezing, a significant amount of moisture evaporates from the surface of the product and result in weight loss up to 10%. Quick freezing reduce the weight loss to 0.8%, which gives tangible economic benefits.

Meat deep-freezing - equipment

We offer the following shock freezing equipment:

Benefits of using shock freezing technology:

You can see and select a model for the necessary task in the section "Shock freezing chambers"

Meat freezing technology

Technical features:

  1. Shock freezing of meat performed on racks, carts, overhead tracks in shock freezing chambers.
  2. Freezing using racks and trolleys and applicable for a productivity at least 100 - 300 kg/hour.
  3. Distribution of airflow in the chamber: The movement of airflows in the chamber carried out by a specialized floor evaporation system, speed at least 4-6 m/s at any point on the cart or rack. It recommended to use floor-mounted air coolers for this distribution of airflows. In this case air flows evenly throughout the entire cooled product flowing around all layers of frozen products.
  4. It is possible to add an additional block (module) to the existing standard chamber.
  5. The cooling or freezing cycle controlled by a special control unit with a temperature probe.

Important: it is not possible to achieve a uniform distribution of air throughout the entire product. When calculating the project, the cost will not be less than using a floor air cooler.

Technological features:

  1. 1. When freezing meat, the bulk of the water and tissue fluid goes into a crystalline state, the muscle tissue becomes hard, and the fat acquires a crumbly consistency. Microbiological processes in frozen meat cease, and enzymatic slows sharply. The quality of the frozen meat and the reversibility of the freezing process affected by both the initial state of the meat - the depth of the ripening process, and the speed of freezing. Increasing the speed of freezing allows you to achieve high-quality product, reduce shrinkage, airing, maintain taste, positively affects the quality of thawed meat;
  2. 2. Lowering freezing temperature and increasing air velocity directly affects to the freezing process, parameters close to ideal t = -30oC and speed = 9.4 m/s and t = -25oC and speed = 1.5 m/s;
  3. 3. The “shock” freezing chamber, sorption capacity of meat products twice reduced compare with freezing minus 18oC and increases by 15-20% compared to a chilled sample;
  4. 4. Loss of tissue juice during the freezing meat and meat products a temperature of minus 18oC (4.3%), and during shock freezing (0.9%).

Practical tips:

  1. Shock freezing of dumplings carried out by special shock freezing chambers; allow dumplings been frozen at the same speed as they are made. Frozen dumplings under shock freezing technology never deform, never stick together and do not wind. Laying dumplings on baking sheets and multi-level trolleys designed for rolling into the chamber, allows you to optimize process and significantly, speed up the time associated with the preparation of dumplings operations.
  2. With rapid freezing in the muscle cells, small crystals ice are formed and do not deform the cell membrane and when defrosting, the loss of meat juice is minimal. The greater the loss of meat juice, the lower the nutritional and taste properties of meat.
  3. In order to avoid great shrinkage and deterioration of appearance, recommended to store frozen meat in wrapped cellophane.

Meat freezing equipment cost and how to order it

The cost of chambers is directly depends on a several parameters - unit performance, capacity, and the availability of additional options. To calculate the exact cost of the shock-freezing chamber, you must determine:

You can find out the exact cost, select the necessary options and get expert advice by telephone: + 7 (499) 112-32-04 or leave a request on the site.

Installation of equipment for shock freezing meat

Errors in the installation of shock freezing chambers lead to a violation of the freezing technology, which threatens with a loss of product quality, as well as an unreasonable waste of energy during operation.

Our company has a staff of qualified installers specializing in the commissioning of refrigeration, freezing and climatic equipment. We believe that the key to effective work is the combination of three key stages: design, manufacture and installation. Work with us and you will receive high-quality shock freezing of products and guarantee long-term equipment uptime.

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