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Features of business for the production of frozen vegetables

The myth that frozen vegetables are inferior to fresh organoleptic and nutritional properties has long been dispelled. Freezing technology plays a crucial role in this issue. The accelerated phase transition process allows to keep intact the cellular structure of the fetus, as well as peptides and vitamin complexes contained in the cells.

Advantages of shock freezing of vegetables

Stable high quality of vegetable products in the range throughout the calendar year can be provided in only 2 ways. It is own large-scale hi-tech agricultural production by means of hydroponics, or preparation of seasonal raw materials in shock freezers.

The second method is much cheaper with comparable quality of delivery of vegetables to the consumer. Companies that choose it receive a number of competitive advantages:

Equipment for production of frozen vegetables and vegetable mixtures

To open a plant for freezing fruits and vegetables, producing from 100 to 300 kg of products per hour, you will need:

  1. Washing bathtubs;
  2. drying Section with racks and a ventilation system;
  3. Pipeline conveyor;
  4. Air chillers of cooling of the first stage (cooling);
  5. Tunnel camera of shock freezing. For example, BF-6.1 or BF-6.2 model of production "FastCold";
  6. the FastCold Refrigerators for finished goods.

When organizing shock freezing in smaller volumes for a small supermarket or restaurant, it is enough to have 2 units — a one-way loading shock freezer and a freezer, the volume of which corresponds to the goals of your business.

Production of vegetable mixtures may additionally require the presence of devices for blanching, grinding and packaging of mixtures.

Get advice on the selection of equipment for shock freezing of vegetables, you can call +7 (499) 112-32-04, or in the course of communication with the Manager of our company in the form of feedback.

A few words about the technology

For shock freezing of vegetables, the same principle of high process speed, which reduces the size of ice crystals, is used as in the preparation of other types of products. A characteristic feature of working with plant raw materials is the preference for tunnel conveyor chambers with the possibility of sorters at the cooling stage.

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