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Supermarket chain «Bahetle»

Supermarket chain «Bahetle»

Type industry: Shops/supermarkets

Equipment: Commercial shock freezing chambers

Technology: Shock freezing

City: Kazan

About company:

At the moment, the company has 28 stores - products of its own preparation. Thanks to this specialization, the company has become one of the regional "brands" of Tatarstan. In the volume of trade turnover of supermarkets, more than 40% is ready-made food, which is in great demand: confectionery and culinary products, salads, meat and fish semi-finished products — more than 1,200 items.

Executed work:

In the network of supermarkets of homemade food "Bahetle" and made camera of shock freezing commercial series, tunnel performance for frozen ready meals.

Who trusts us

We work with many companies whose needs include shock cooling and deep freezing of products. Here are just a few of our customers who already have Fast°Cold™ fast cooling.