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Pastry freezing features

Extending the shelf life of manufactured products is one of the most important and difficult tasks of food production. This is especially true for the pastry manufacturers.

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When the finished product is cooling down, at a temperature of +65 to + 10°C, there microorganisms multiply rapidly, and with slow freezing forms ice crystals considerable size, which damage the structure of the product. Thanks to the use of blast chilling technology and pastry freezing, the number of microorganisms significantly reduced, and the water present in the product during rapid freezing (the temperature in the product body drops to -18°C in less than 240 minutes) forms smaller crystals.

This helps to preserve the organoleptic properties and appearance of the product, reduces shrinkage and significantly increases the shelf life of product.

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Cakes and pastry shock freezing chambers

We offer equipment for pastry freezing (bread, pastry, pirogues, and pizza), which allows you to cool and freeze delicate products (mousses, some types of creams, etc.). Shock freezing chambers have many cooling and freezing modes, and divided into two types:

The model range includes shock freezing chambers of commercial and industrial series, with various capacities, productivity, and loading options for tunnel execution. You can view and select a model for the required task in the section "Shock Freezing Chambers"

Quick (or deep) freezing - practical tips

Features of the equipment selection:

Features of the organization of the technological process:

When organizing the production process, please take in the considerations a several goals:

The definition of the goal also implies the choice of the technological chain, which leads to a reduction a cooling time and freezing, increase the rate of preparation of raw materials, pastry, and semi-prepped products.

To speed up the process, you will need at least three sets of pastry – trolleys and baking sheets:

The first batch placed in a shock freezer chamber; the second batch prepared and laid out on a second set of baking sheets. Next step, the first batch is transferring to the storage room, the second batch is loading into the shock freezer cabinet, and the third laid out on baking sheets, and prepared for a freezing.

Practical tips for freezing cakes, pastries and other confectionery:

The price for pastry shock freezing equipment

The price of shock freezing chamber depends on the series (commercial or industrial), performance, configuration, and the availability of additional options. In order to find out the exact cost, select the necessary options and get expert advice, contact us by telephone: + 7 (499) 112-32-04 or leave a request on the site.

How to order pastry shock freezing equipment

Before placing an order, it is necessary to determine the following parameters:

Based on this information, our experts draw up a preliminary equipment project, and prepare a quote on its basis. After getting the quote, all the necessary approvals are carrying out, after which you can proceed to sign the contract. –Once the contract signed, we proceed with manufacturing, delivery, and installation of the shock-freezing chamber at your facility.

Installation of pastry shock freezing chambers

An attempt to save the installation of refrigeration equipment and attracting unskilled personnel usually leads to errors and violation of the installation technology. This can subsequently affect the life of the equipment and the quality of the product.

Our company has a staff of qualified installers specializing in the commissioning of refrigeration, freezing and climatic equipment. We believe that the key to effective work is the combination of three key stages: design, manufacture and installation. If you work with us, you will receive high-quality shock freezing products and guaranteed long-term equipment uptime.

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