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Shock freezing of meat and meat products

The development of food processing technologies does not stand still. The developers of processes of processing of food products and address the issues of maintaining quality, palatability, increasing shelf life. Such methods can be attributed to deep freeze. This method allows you to process not only vegetables and fruits, shock freezing technology is also widely used in the processing of meat, both lump and portion.

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Advantages of shock freezing

The use of shock freezing has found wide popularity in the food industry. Shock freezing of meat allows:

Many years of experience in the use of shock freezing of meat has shown that – this is perhaps the only way to ensure long-term storage without any major changes. In fact, after defrosting the meat will be difficult to distinguish from fresh.

High-speed freezing of meat involves the maximum preservation of nutrients contained in the product. In addition, the use of this method allows to minimize the number of harmful bacteria that can not develop in such conditions.

Technological features of frozen meat products

For the operation of shock freezing of meat semi-finished products used shock cooling cabinets, spiral conveyors, tile machines. This equipment allows to process up to 300 kg of product per hour. In the process of freezing, the distribution of air flows in the chamber plays a special role. Its speed should be at least 6 m/sec. Such parameters are provided by evaporators in combination with powerful fan units, which allow the air flow to flow evenly around the products from all sides.

Control of the process of shock freezing of meat is carried out with the help of a special control system that makes decisions based on the data coming from the temperature sensors.

The water contained in the tissues during shock freezing changes the aggregate state with high speed and passes from the liquid phase to the crystalline phase. High speed of freezing leads to the fact that microcrystals appear in the body of the product. They do not harm the cells of the product, and in the process of thawing its taste and other properties are preserved. There is a slowdown in enzymatic processes, as well as reducing the loss of tissue fluid (juice). In shock freezing meat loses up to 0.9% of the original weight, and in traditional processing, the loss can be up to 15%.

Equipment for freezing meat and meat products

The chamber for shock freezing includes evaporators (air coolers). With their help, heat is removed from the product, which is subject to freezing.

To achieve greater efficiency of product freezing, in some models of chambers, transport devices are mounted on which the product is moved. All this forms a system within which conditions are created for high efficiency of deep freezing. Thus, at the minimum expenses of time, the equipment intended for freezing of a product shows high results regarding preservation at production of natural taste, color and a smell.

Spiral conveyor

Shock freezing performed on the basis of such equipment is a modern technology used to work with a number of products. It is used to process dumplings, cutlets, poultry, etc.

The freezing process is as follows. Inside the freezer, there is a movement of the processed product. To do this, it is placed on a tape, moved along a spiral trajectory. When ready, the finished product is taken out of the chamber and sent to the packaging. On the market you can find cameras operating in automatic and manual mode. These cameras are compact in size, with a sufficiently high performance.

Tile machines

Tile installation of shock freezing is used for processing products that are formed in the form of blocks. This method is applied at the enterprises performing the processing of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Freezing occurs in the process of contact between the cold plates and the processed product. Frozen in such equipment products are easily stored and transported.


Another type of freezing equipment is called fluidization. It is used for deep freezing of pieces of vegetables, berries, seafood and other food that can freeze when frozen. To prevent this phenomenon, a powerful air flow is created in the chamber, which does not allow products, for example, small shrimp, to come into contact with each other.

Tunnel freezing

The equipment in which the products are constantly cooled when it is moved inside the tunnel. This approach ensures uniform cooling of the product. This technology allows you to effectively freeze products with a small thickness – cutlets, fish dumplings, etc.

Installation of this type has a simple design. When it is serviced, the procedure of sanitary treatment is quite simple. Among other things, its price is lower than that of other units.

Shock freezing of meat in the chamber

From an economic point of view, the organization of freezing production with the use of a shock freezing chamber, one of the most economically feasible. This technology is used when working with products of medium and large size. In the freezing chamber, the products are placed on a trolley or suspended structures. At the same time there is a uniform distribution of air.

The equipment of this class shows the greatest effect at rather small volumes of production.

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The advantages of the technology of quick freezing described above, we can only add that its use in the food industry and catering, reduces losses from natural causes, including shrinkage and does not allow meat products to saveriades.

Initially, the products have passed a deep freeze, came to our country from abroad. Their high popularity among domestic Housewives, led to the fact that the production of such products, drew the attention of Russian cold storage and other food companies. Currently, the situation is radically changing and an increasing proportion of frozen semi-finished products are produced at domestic enterprises.

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